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Lake Annecy from the sky!
from the Col de la Forclaz discover a unique panorama of Lake Annecy thanks to paragliding.

An incredible site, an easy aerology for an intense unforgettable and thrilling trip in a two-seater paraglider! On takeoff, it is much more impressive to watch others than to fly away quietly with your instructor. A few strides are enough and the moment becomes masterful when you leave the ground.

Do not close your eyes, admire the landscape on the right Annecy, around you the mountains and below you its lake.

Panoramic flight
First flight in a two-seater panoramic flight over Lake Annecy, for a height difference of 850 m. between 10 to 20 minutes of flight depending on conditions. 
Reduced rate for children in the morning.

Prestige flight great ancestries
Baptism of the two-seater panoramic air longer between sky and mountain, with the flight over the lake.

High performance flight
First flight of the two-seater "Prestige" flight in the thermals for a big tour of the horizon around Lake Annecy; longer flight time. The Great Prestige Flight often allows you to touch the clouds with your finger; to admire the Mont Blanc.


You can book your flight at the campsite reception and benefit from a special rate.

Parapente Lac Annecy
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