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Fishing on Lake Annecy
Coming to fish at Lake Annecy means enjoying the beauty of the area and the generosity of nature. Fishermen will be able to try their luck with the many species of fish that inhabit Lake Annecy: pike, lake trout, Arctic char, fera (whitefish), perch, roach, roach, bleak, chub, tench, carp, bream, sculpin, monkfish, dowel, stud, blennies and even American and Californian crayfish...


But be careful, as the lake is very popular with the general public in summer, it is difficult to fish quietly during the hottest months.


Lake Annecy consists of two parts:
the large lake more touristic

the small warmer lake (recommended at the beginning of the season)


It should be noted that the end of the lake (southern end of the small lake) is a nature reserve prohibited to boats and that two omblières exist (Talloires and Menthon Saint Bernard at Roc de Chère).

pêche en rivière près d'Annecy

Regulations and fishing licences
To preserve fish resources, nets and traps are reserved for professional fishermen. For leisure enthusiasts, fishing by probe trolling or angling is imperative.

Fishermen must report all their catches using a fishing logbook. The minimum sizes and the number of daily catches must be respected without exception. Checks are frequent.

Night fishing is prohibited and fishing from a boat or with 4 rods is regulated.


A 7 and 15 day tourism permit and a day permit exist for holiday practitioners. 

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