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From the campsite, go down to the roundabout, 
turn right and take the squirrel path 100 meters to the left (at the Lathuile sign). Arrived on the D180, continue the squirrels' path, behind the wooden bus shelter.

You arrive at the cycle path, cross the road and head towards the D1508 then cross at the pedestrian crossing, direction the lake, the beach.






Hikes from the campsite

The circuit of the old mine
Type: Distance loop: 8.7 km Time: 3h30 Height difference: 620 m

Difficulty: Average Maximum altitude: 1050 m Minimum altitude: 630m 

Departure: Town Hall Card reference: 3431OT blue series IGN


The mountain of glimpses
Type: Distance Loop: 7.5 km Time: 4h00 Height difference: 670 m 

Difficulty: Average Maximum altitude: 1320 m Minimum altitude: 670m 

Departure: Church Card reference: 3431OT blue series IGN


The Taillefer
Type: Distance loop: 6.6 km Time: 2h30 Vertical rise: 340 m 

Difficulty: Average Maximum altitude: 770 m Minimum altitude: 450 m 

Departure: Church Card reference: 3431OT blue series IGN


The loop of the Bochettes
Type: Distance loop: 9.6 km Time: 4h30 Height difference: 665 m 

Difficulty: Easy Maximum altitude: 1165m Minimum altitude: 500m 

Departure: Town Hall Card reference: 3431OT blue series IGN


The Coal Mountain
Distance: 16 km Time: 1 day Height difference: 1050 m 

Difficulty: Average Maximum altitude: 1720 m Minimum altitude: 670 m 

Departure: Saury - Montgellaz car park

Map reference: TOP25 n° 3432 OT Massif des Bauges

Possibility to eat or sleep at the refuge

Near Lathuile

The nature reserve at the end of the lake

The nature reserve is one of the last remaining non-urbanized shoreline linear areas. It is a refuge area for many birds. Some, such as the scaup, find favourable conditions to get through the bad season. Others settle year-round and breed in the reed beds in spring. This is the case with the crested grebe.

The terrestrial part is home to breeding passerines such as the frightened redhead.

On the mammalian side, the most remarkable species is the European beaver, reintroduced on the Dead Water in 1972. Several families are now well settled on the reserve.

Finally, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and dragonflies contribute to the diversity of this preserved area.
Like the fauna, the flora is just as diverse. Wet meadows are home to rare species such as orchids: military orchids, marsh epipactis.

For the delight of the general public, the development of an educational trail, accessible to a public with reduced mobility and low vision, allows visitors to discover this nature. This makes it an ideal walk for the whole family.

Randonnée du camping

Walking to the beach from the campsite

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